M6 Condensing boiler

High efficiency 107.8%, ECO, Low carbon dioxide

1. First-class energy efficiency, save gas.
2. Low-carbon for a better healthy life.
3. Not too hot in summer, and not too cool in winter, the constant temperature in four seasons is more comfortable.
4. Quadruple net filter for healthy bathing.
5. Mobile phone remote control, control the temperature of the home at any time.

M6 Condensing boiler
Gas type
Nominal input kilowatt(kw)
Nominal output kilowatt(kw)
Max.heating temp(°C)
Range of water temp.
for heating(±3°C)
Net weight(Kg)
Domestic hot water
Max.working pressure(Mpa/bar)
Min. working pressure(Mpa/bar)
Continuous DHW production Δt=25°C(Kg/min)
DHW temperature adjustment range(±3°C)
Min. DHW flow(kg/min)
Limited flow rate for DHW(kg/min)
Pressure for gas
Natural gas pressure(Pa)
LPG pressure(Pa)
Tow gas(pa)