Devotion took part in Aquatherm Almaty 2018

The territory of Kazakhstan is about 2.8 million square kilometers and with population about 18 million. Almaty has a population of about 1.6 million and as one of the major economic cities in Kazakhstan. The investigation showed that the year average income common white collar workers is bout 6,000 dollars.
Due to the depreciation of the Russian Ruble, the Kazakhstan currency Tenge has depreciated  ore than 13% in one year and has a tendency to depreciate further. Due to the gradual advancement of natural gas pipeline construction projects, the demand for boiler heating has gradually increased. According to market news, the capital Astana will complete the natural gas ventilation project in 2020, which will further expand the heating market.
Aquatherm Almaty HVAC exhibition exhibited the heating and ventilation related products such as wall-hung boilers, radiators, floor standing boilers, electric heaters, and accessories in three days. There were exhibitors from China, Korean, Germany, Italy, Russia and etc. Devotion as the China leading boiler manufacturing and exporting company, had taken part in the Exhibition and the products were highly approved by customers and companies in the same trade.